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 Take your ceilings from popcorn to smooth

For decades, popcorn ceilings were the standard choice of contractors doing home construction, because it was a fast, inexpensive way to finish ceilings. But if the popcorn texture was ever popular with homeowners, that day has long past. Today people want to see smooth, clean surfaces on their ceilings, so the popcorn has got to go—and in most cases, they call a professional to remove it.

Why most people outsource popcorn ceiling removal

Removal of popcorn ceilings is messy, labor-intensive, physically demanding and time-consuming for nonprofessionals. If not done correctly, it can require additional repairs to ceilings or cause damage to furnishings. An experienced professional can apply years of expertise and a proven process to get the job done quickly, cleanly, affordably—and without damage to your ceilings, your furnishings, or your peace of mind.

Why Faircloth Popcorn Removal

Mike Faircloth has decades of experience safely removing popcorn ceilings and replacing them with smooth drywall fabrications. He does not take shortcuts that would compromise the quality and effect of the finished product, and he guarantees his work for two years. Mike performs all work personally and does not use subcontractors. His attention to detail and dedication to quality is highly appreciated by customers.

Call for a free estimate

Call for an onsite evaluation and free estimate. Faircloth Popcorn Removal will provide prompt, reliable service and quality workmanship at a fair price, and you’ll have smooth new ceilings to enjoy for years to come.


                                                    OUR 8 STEP POPCORN REMOVAL  ASBESTOS TESTING

 In older homes, asbestos can be a very serious problem, especially for smaller children or the elderly. If your home was constructed before 1978, it is always wise to test the popcorn texture for asbestos before any ceiling surface is disturbed.Contact  CEI Labs Cary NC  


Before any popcorn texture removal work is done, all surrounding electrical circuits will be checked and turned off. 


Any and all surfaces directly below the work area will be covered and protected by plastic sheeting or drop cloths. This helps to protect your personal items and makes for an easier clean up.


The ceiling will be prepped with a hydrating solution. This helps by cutting down on free airborne drywall dust and loosening the textured surface. If the ceiling has a layer of paint over the popcorn this can be very challenging and more labor.


The texture removal process can sometimes expose flaws in the drywall itself. If this occurs with your home, we will skim / float a layer of drywall joint compound on the ceiling to insure a proper, smooth finish.


Your ceiling will be sanded with a dustless sander to a smooth finish. and pointed up, You will be left with a ready to paint surface 


The job isn’t complete until your home has been returned to the state it was in before we arrived. Proper clean up is the hallmark of a true professional.All drywall and popcorn will be cleaned , we treat your home as or own.